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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Greening the Grafting Clove tree in Bali

Green Bali today

In Bali a lot of critical land which has not planted a tree, if it is on leave, the state will experience drought bali, difficulty springs and erosion will occur on lands that are still criticalFor the beginning of the rainy season in November 2014 to be exact, we are working with farmers who have a critical area, we started planting together, while we grow plants are plants that have high economic value that clove tree, .In general, clove trees grow in ata 600 meters from sea level Precisely on local area who have moderate temperatures, but dengankemajuan agricultural technology we create a new kind yaang clove plant has resistance to hot weather and very little need of water, it is called a clove clove continued.The greening of degraded land using a dial cloves so is suitable because there are some considerations1, Cloves grafting rootstock has a very suitable latticework planted in dry areas, in addition to used for reforestation, clove also has a very high economic value, this will be the backbone of the economy of farmers2. Cloves continued, has a very good rooting, because composed of two trees as rootstock, and greater resistance to disease, white root fungus,3. Greening is done for the provision of o2 to earth and very useful for human survivalGreening so is necessary to do to reduce pollution and can also memperlamabt depletion of our ozone layer, which are now very alarming,We are looking forward to the cooperation of the various parties to join in the greening program that we conducted in Bali,Let,s Go Green Bali today
Green bali today                                                                                         

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