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Monday, May 4, 2015

Bamboo Flooring Really Help Save The Worlds' Environment-Save Green

Bamboo grows in several countries, and bamboo can replace wood as material for house ,, why do we use bamboo, because bamboo can last up to hundreds of years and are very easy to grow bamboo, bamboo trees can generate 1 100 new trees within 2 years ,, This is the right step to reduce the logging.Bamboo flooring is a rising trend in home flooring and an alternative to traditional wood flooring. It is natural wood flooring is the most environmentally friendly alternatives you can choose for your home, it is a renewable resource, is stronger than steel, and has a greater resistance to expansion and contraction problems associated with changes in temperature and humidity.
Bamboo grass is one of the fasted growing plants on the planet, only takes 5 years to grow to maturity, and can provide 25 times the bio mass of a comparable standing trees. Bamboo is harvested every 5 years, and began to re-grow immediately with new shoots when harvested. Bamboo is also strong and has a tensile strength exceeding mild steel. It can withstand up to 50,000 pounds of pressure per square inch versus some steels 50,000 psi ratings.
Bamboo flooring is also a statement that is very trendy interior design with rich colors of gold lands and beautiful. It is important to shop around for a quality bamboo flooring product that contains no formaldehydes in compounds that bind. Many offshore brands use cheaper binding agents that may contain formaldehydes, and this can cause indoor air pollution problems in the street because of all the chemical compounds will slowly release toxins into the air.
So why look to bamboo to save the environment? Bamboo is an excellent replacement product for many species of timber harvested in our global equatorial rain forest. Once harvested, these wood species often never grow back due to a thin layer of soil and lack of sunlight under the canopy of the forest, and if they do grow back it can take up to 200 years! Our global forests are the lungs of our planet and contributes significantly to the global oxygen productionBamboo can also last a long time if well maintained, so if every house that the material of bamboo, it will be small for logging, this is a positive step for reducing global warning,Love our earth by not doing the destruction, because forests can generate oxygen needed by the body kia, dapatkahkita imagine if oxygen depleting ?, then the survival would be stalled

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