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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Be Green and Save Energy

Start with a lifestyle that is friendly to the environment by planting trees around your residence l'environmentally friendly 'live' green ', it is easy to get lost in all the information provided on this topic. Do not be afraid, it's easier than you think to become more 'green', and at the same time, save some extra money to spend on things that are worth spending money on.By using simple measures, it is clear to see how you can save money on heating bills, electricity and water. The following steps will show you how you can join the growing number of people who live more 'green', more 'environmentally friendly' lifestyle.An easy way to save electricity.Turn on the TV, DVD player, game console down at the plug when not in use. Some appliances use up to 90% of their power when idle, so that they switch on the plug to save electricity and money. Line dry clothes to save energy of your tumble drier. Tumble dryer is the second largest energy user in the home after the refrigerator. If the weather is bad, you can always use a clotheshorse to dry your clothes.Use energy-saving lamps around the house. Although energy-efficient lighting seems expensive at the moment, energy-saving light bulbs can last up to 10 times longer, and only uses 25% of the energy used by standard lighting. In the long run, the lights will pay for themselves.An easy way to save water.By turning the tap off while shaving and when brushing your teeth, you can save at least 6 liters of water per minute. If your faucet is leaking, you can waste up to 5,500 liters of water per year, so it's always your faucet washers replaced damaged.Saving water in the refrigerator will stop you running the tap for a long time to get cold water.Turning to the garden watering cans with water. You can water your plants directly in the bottom so the water went straight to their roots, not the leaves. Remember to water your plants in the evening to reduce evaporation.An easy way to save heat.Turning on your boiler thermostat down one degree, you can save up to 10% on your heating bill each year. With an average heating bills, this could be as much as 90 pounds per year!
Use energy efficient window shades to help trap warm air inside the house in cold weather, and out of direct sunlight during hot weather. Type curtain around the same price as a standard curtain, and can help you save money on your heating bills. Why would anyone want to waste money on blinds that increase your heating bills?
Stop your boiler of overtime by switching off radiators in unused rooms, or rooms which are used more frequently than others.
* By following these simple steps, easy for anyone to save energy, and save some extra money to buy things that are really worth  energy in every home will provide a positive effect on the environment
a simple lifestyle, to not wear too much energy is a simple way to anticipate global warming

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