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Friday, May 15, 2015

Cleaning the Beaches of Plastic Waste and Save Earth

Plastic waste is very disturbing vision we especially if scattered everywhere, when the rainy season arrives, the plastic waste will pollute the river and the sea, if we do not recycle plastic that will make for marine pollution and its surroundings.Clean up plastic waste on the beach is our collective responsibility, but most importantly recycle plastic waste into useful items for your life ,increasingly more plastic on the face of this earth, not surprisingly, this earth will be contaminated by plastic waste ,There are ways to reduce plastic waste:

1Recycled plastic back in our respective homes as a place to plant seeds,2. Taking keeps plastic waste in the environment around us, and then to bring the garbage 3. Plastic waste can we make to the plastic concrete that can be used for flooring in the garden4.Don,t use products that use plastic as a wrapper5. does not purchase products using raw materials of plasticit is indeed very difficult to do but we have to reduce this plastic in our lives for the creation of a green earth

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