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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Environmentally Friendly Clocth Product and Tips How to Started

Production of clothing that uses environmentally harmful chemicals so, use fabric yng using natural ingredientsEnvironmentally friendly clothing can sometimes be a difficult proposition because uniform standards for content and production are still being made in several ways. Here are 6 easy tips to help avoid Greenwashed on the subject.
1. Look for the organic label. Organic cotton has been grown in the area for at least three years of chemical free. Traditional cotton farmers use a lot of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. If the item is marked "certified organic" which means it has passed the stringent standards set and maintained by the USDA and verified by independent state or private organizations, it is definitely environmentally friendly clothing.
2. Make sure that whatever you buy is produced by a firm, fair trade friendly employees. Trade Fair promotes the payment of a fair price as well as social and environmental standards for workers. It is difficult to feel proud about the new green clothes you when you find it is produced by children working 13 hours a day in terrible condition.
3. The dye used in the production of normal clothes often petrochemical-based making them poisonous to humans and earth alike. Unfortunately there is no current standard for clothing dye, so the labels that say "low-impact dyes" is up to the manufacturer definition of the term. A safe bet when it comes to organic, eco-friendly clothing is to go with the natural color of the dye vegetable dye wool or fabric using environmentally friendly clothing is a great way to help this earth to be green
4. What is bamboo, soy or even fabric based corn? Bamboo strong sensation today and although it is growing rapidly with a little water and are relatively pest free, rapid growth can displace native forests and harvesting and fiber processing often pollute and are not regulated. Soybean and corn processing factory fabric is energy and resource intensive. And others may some day be a very green fabric for clothing, but for now, due to the lack of transparency in the processing of difficult to think of them they are fully green.

5. Is every part of the recycled products? These fabrics provide a beautiful solution for new and traditional fabrics with the help of a good designer can provide some outstanding eco-friendly clothing original. Reuse, Recycle,and recycle products that are not in use to make a positive thing for the environment
6. Organic, eco-friendly clothing can be expensive and part of living a green life style is to use only what you need. So, instead of buying five regular clothes obtain an organic shirt and feel better about reducing your impact on the earth kita.Produksi clothing will naturally give more expensive than clothes that use chemicals

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