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Friday, May 15, 2015

Green Earth Technologi Energy

 Green Energy Technology and Green Energy

Developments in technology today is increasingly fast, this will give rise to a variety of impacts on Earth there is quite a lot happening in the world of solar power today. Many people are now able to install these panels around their homes and make their energy bills all but disappeared. In the same sense, renewable energy can be used as effective as other energy solutions without the damaging effects of large power plants.The personal use of solar energy is not only used have seen, because many large companies also stand behind this technology to convert sunlight to electricity that can be used. Even innovator in IBM is trying to make renewable resources relative to the movement of your own based on the same technology used to convert UV light to energy.The windmill is also a great example of a renewable energy and technology that drive the future of the green movement. Even with the use of sources of energy at the top of the street lights have been able to save the city hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on energy. More and more cities are trying to think of new ways that they can use solar and wind power to reduce the cost of exit and bills to the city and do better in the community with the money saved.Of course this led to raucous throughout the country as well for those who support the coal and traditional forms of energy supply. Once the homeowner has to pay for the equipment to use something like a windmill or a series of solar panels to power their homes, they do not have to continue to pay for it in most places. So this becomes free energy to be used.Green energy technology has really taken hold automotive industry as well. While the Chevy Volt is currently very popular and Nissan Leaf are two popular electric cars are much better for the environment than gas-powered vehicles only. This has sparked many other automakers to join the ranks of this and create a new model of their own electricity, including Ford which is scheduled for release this year five electric models if many automotive energy using green technology, the pollution would be reduced so that global warming is not happening

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