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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Home Garden and Landscaping and Save Green,

  Planting at home is a very interesting thing, to pass the time and hobby farming, but there are various barriers to start gardening at home, sometimes very hard to cultivate land need patienceClay presents some challenges for good plant growth. Only the land as a good base is the foundation of the house is solidly built, so that the soil does not provide a basis for growth, appearance, and plant health.   The clay is very burdened by its innate characteristics. Clay hard, sticky, difficult to work, is very susceptible to water saturation and poor drainage. However, with all the short comings, the clay has a strong redeeming qualities, it is nutrient rich. So landscaping and garden enthusiasts only have to decide a process to overcome the weaknesses, of which there are many, and positive accents, rich composition of its natural nutrients.   It seems everyone has a theory, kind of "magic bullet" that will solve the problem of land and create media that can be applied to plants. Surprisingly their solution unique is practical medicine. A certain chemical additives, certain time of the year, no offense meant to the farmers almanac, or scientific studies prove the only viable process. Please allow a little diversion from the world of garden and landscaping for a moment because you will be given the analogy of recent history. During the recent economic crisis our nation, experts across the country trying to convince the American public that "old" theory "buy and hold investment quality" was outdated and true dinosaurs. Dow down to the level of 7000 and this economic evangelists were in their element. "Use my method and you will be assured of long-term success." Act quickly and avoid a future decline inevitable. "Well, the Dow came back and they were trumping a miracle drug that was relegated to the periphery of economic practice acceptable. But not to worry, they will re-emerge during the next crisis and just as enthusiastic as ever. So it is with clay. The good news is you will not be invest your life savings, a little sweat and labor to make sure you will get a dividend but will be worth the effort.   Some simple tests can determine the need to prepare the ground. One thing is for sure, if you live in an area filled with clay you can be sure it is compacted, poorly aerated, and have a drainage problem. But, if you must, just to convince yourself, by all means do a soil test for proper drainage. First take a hand full of dirt and strong squeeze. Should messy easily land might be good for planting. Another simple test. Dig a hole 6 inches deep with water that allows the contents to drain. Recharge longer time tracking drainage. If more than 8 hours of your soil retain too much water. The most successful method for determining water needs are simple soil tester inexpensive, and accurate which can be purchased from suppliers greenhouse. 
    Wet ground will result in poor plant growth. The symptoms are very easily recognizable. Poor appearance of plants, leaves moody or poor production blooms or fruit.Home gardening in addition to making us into a beautiful garden ,, can also provide coolness around it, which will make our environment greener

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