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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to Compost Kitchen Waste used for Plants

Very much kitchen waste generated every day, almost the average per member family head produces 10-15 kg of kitchen waste, it is necessary for activities to recycleIn technical terms, composting is the process of breaking down food waste in the presence of air and water, using micro-organisms and small insects present in nature. The end product is compost that can be used as plant nutrients to form part of a healthy soil.
There are 6 easy steps where you can compost your kitchen waste:
1. Collect all edible kitchen waste (peel vegetables, fruit peel, a small amount of cooked food waste, etc.) in a container.2. In another bowl, collecting dry organic materials such as dried leaves and sawdust.3. Take a large bucket or potting soil and drill 4-5 holes around the containers at different levels to allow air to pass through.4. Coat the bottom of the pot or bucket with soil.5. The food waste is collected (step 1) and dry organic material (step 2) should be added to the pot or bucket. It should be in alternating layers.6. Finally, cover the container with a plastic sheet or wood boards to help retain moisture and heat.
Every week, take the tool and provide heaps of mixture turn to provide aeration. After the observation, if you find a pile becomes too dry, then sprinkle water to moisten it. Within 2 to 3 months, the compost pile will begin to form a dry, dark brown and smelling the earth. If the average family consists of 4 members and if they do composting regularly then they can reduce waste, and waste reduction will have a positive impact on the environment, there should be recycled in every family, so that waste which is derived not so much

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