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Friday, May 15, 2015

Planting One Million Trees for Earth Greening

Planting trees is very important for the conservation of nature and also to reduce global warming, one of the other, oxygen-producing trees are in need of man, how much oxygen produced by the tree on this earth that is essential for human life, can you imagine if we had not earth No trees, then we can oxygen from where? to that end we invite friends to participate actively in the garden planting treesNo land or the narrowness of the yard sometimes be the reason for not planting trees ,, and now it will not be an excuse anymore because we will prepare the land and help to incorporate them in bali ,, you can participate from home wherever you are, you can do it online We will help you to realize this green earth ,, We will provide periodic reports to the investor parties in order greening the earth.
Planting trees will we do together bali farmers in their fields, they'll take care of your trees ,, for the supply of oxygen at a later date, and if you come to Bali we would invite you to look at your trees donated to farmers ,, remember the lives of farmers in Bali is still below standard, then if the tree has produced the results will be submitted to the farmers to help their children continue their education.
The earth is getting hotter, continuous felling of trees without any desire to growing back, air pollution increased weight, deforestation has been more and more, it will cause natural disasters in times to come, the solution if we do not want to experience global warming continuously  to plant a million trees anywhere,Mas tree is green for the earth, the trees for the human heroes, can we imagine if there were no trees on this earth ,, we all will die, immediately take steps tree planting to combat global warming

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