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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reasons Which Cause Forest Fires and How to be Green

Forests are essential to all life in this world, should we keep and replant many trees in the forest that we have, but a lot of things happening on forests: there are still many people who do the destruction of forests, felling trees ,, even not a few of them with intentionally burning forest ,, this is very foolish action,Forest fires is one of the deadliest things very well destroy a large amount of vegetation, and it hurt a lot of wild life and human life. This is mainly due during the dry season and there are so many reasons that can cause this type of forest fires. These fires can occur either by reason users either intentionally or accidentally, and also with many natural disasters can cause these fires.Below listed are some of the most common reasons for forest fires,1. The first and foremost the user could be the destruction of forests to make a living land. The easiest way to clear the dense forest area is by fire. Only destroying the vegetation but also cause serious damage to the environment and nature. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in global warming.2. The human error is also one among the other main reason for this kind of disaster. Every abuse of a box of matches or a cigarette or other flammable items in the dry forests could very well result in a fire that could easily spread throughout the large volume areas.3. The eruption of the volcano yet another important reason for the types of accident and this could result in a large amount of damage.4. other natural disasters such as lightning strikes or severe storms also can cause the accident.People who live very close in proximity to the types of areas should take all necessary precautions to escape from the types of fires. Although we can not have control over the natural disasters that can cause this destruction at least we can avoid all kinds of human error and avoid burning the forest for the trees to convert the land of our life can be a very good save nature and have a healthy environment for many things to be life.and The most important to do is to plant trees again if forest fires have ,,

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