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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Recycling kitchen Waste for Natural Fertilizers

Kitchen waste very many if not managed properly then it would damage the surrounding environment, recycling bins in the kitchen could do with a very simple process, here are some steps to recycle kitchen waste, Garbage such as kitchen waste, vegetables, leaves, fruits, leaves, and so forth, then cut into very small part, then swatch bali sugar, yeast, coconut water, mixed with water and then fermented for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks ,, the mole already you can use to fertilize crops.if you are around a lot of garbage scattered leaves, then assemble to be made in a natural fertilizer by making holes around your plants then cover it with soil, after it is poured molecules that have been made earlier ,,Recycle kitchen waste is very important because the average per family could produce garbage weighing 10 kg / day, if this is allowed will be a pile of garbage in the garbage disposal, a step that is required is to recycle the natural fertilizer in the plant.

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