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Friday, May 15, 2015

Recyling Plastic to be Green

    Plastic waste is increasing, the number because almost every product wearing plastic raw material, if this is not in knowing it would endanger life on this earth, when you find a plastic trash immediately recycle it for goods that you can use your life In the process of recycling plastic, waste products discovered by chemical processes designed to recover scrap and transform it into useful plastic products. Modern recycling plants today 'plastic waste recovered from the water bottle or plastic container and then turn it into a useful product, which is used to make chairs, tables, and recycling of plastic toys. In the process of recycling discarded plastic categorized into "Resin Identification Code". It is a method designed to identify material correctly for the type of polymer. This method was created by the "Society of Plastic" in 1988. Since this method is used to separate different types of plastics for recycling output better.     Every year billions of waste materials into the waste water system and our rivers. Costs for cleaning dirt and blockages caused by this waste high. Another impact of the "white pollution" is a detrimental affect on the human population. Many countries, especially in the western world environmental guidelines for recycling are strict government off-shoring of plastic waste to third countries said. Of-shoring recycling facilities are cheaper to recycle plastic or other garbage. This approach became popular in rich countries. One cheaper and that both laws in third world countries that are less stringent. Plastic recycling also creates air pollution and has the potential to degrade the soil and water, to keep the earth green, the garbage plastic should be recycled into useful items

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