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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Save the earth green and the Environment

Green the earth is an option that does not require a second thought before it has to be accepted by anyone to less trash and will help redeem our environment from further degradation. Green living environment set at first thought to be enforced and performed by all. If we all become the planet uphold and practice green lifestyle, our earth would be a more beautiful and healthy for life.Cleaner energy source, highly-reducing pollution, waste management systems are good, agricultural practices centered environment, well-controlled and monitored industrialization, water and forest resource management better of course things that will make our environment better and more livable.Save the earth green and the Environment

With the development of technology, cleaner energy sources such as solar and wind energy increasingly growing tree planting activity will reduce the level of pollution, the development of this technology, after being adopted or placed in homes, reducing energy costs. Although the purchase price may be relatively high, but with time, the cost is recovered. Once installed, you start generating your own power rather than be expender. You no more will depend on the supply of natural grid. This means that your power bill will stop coming. So, you save money. It also will reduce the pressure on non-renewable energy resources and conservation help them. So pollution from energy sources such as coal plants and oil-product plants will be reduced as well. This in turn will improve the quality of the environment and human health.A good waste management system will help control pollution of bodies of water and air. The same applies to engineering and environmental-sound farming practices. This will save the forests and resources continuously destroyed us.The idea of ​​going green is to save us grief inhabited earth. It is the largest savings we can make. This not only saves money on medical care but also will ensure the ongoing ability of the environment to support human lifeGoing green because it is by no means small, the best alternative to plant thousands of trees and securing our existence on earth.

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