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Monday, May 4, 2015

Save Green - Save the Earth and Live Better.

Want to save energy, improve your living conditions, help the earth, and qualify for the tax credit? Go Green! "Going Green" covers two main areas; The first is to reduce energy use, which can save money in the short term and the earth in the long term with conservation of natural resources; The second is to improve the quality of life, both at home and in the environment. How can this be achieved? The following suggestions include resources from the broad to the specific. Some will just information and some easy to implement in your daily life and can have an immediate impact.Make it green earth is the goal in life, to plant a million trees in every country with no cut them down, this will make our earth more green, plastic garbage reduction and recycling back into useful items,Use Renewable Energy and Renewable Quick Materials:Renewable energy comes from sources that renew themselves, such as solar or wind, or managed by the planned renewal upon use, such as managed forests. These sources generally are not depleted when used responsibly or managed in such a way that they are carefully created when used.Based solar - solar panels and photovoltaic cells can be used to create your own energy. Depending on the location and orientation, solar energy can provide most of the energy used in your home. This system is just coming into their own and the cost to install them vs the energy gained and the time required to recover the costs still have to be carefully balanced.Wind - Wind farms have been built in many areas in the country to provide energy by windmills.Geothermal - a system that uses a temperature below the earth's surface to heat or cool the fluid circulating through it. Geothermal energy systems being used to heat commercial and residential buildings. The US Department of Energy says that almost everywhere, the top 10 feet of the Earth's surface maintains a nearly constant temperature between 50 and 60 º (10 and 16ºC). A geothermal heat pump system consists of pipes buried in the shallow ground near the building, heat exchanger and ductwork into the building. In winter, heat from the relatively warmer soil passes through a heat exchanger into the house. In summer, hot air from the house is drawn through a heat exchanger into the relatively cooler ground. Heat removed during the summer can be used without the cost of energy to heat water. For more information please visit the US Department of Energy: Geothermal Association in the US Department of EnergyWood products - today's standards have been developed to create a "sustainable forest management." According to Metafore, a non-profit organization associated with more environmentally wood products, "With forest certification, an independent organization develops standards of good forest management, and independent auditors issue certificates to forest operations in accordance with their standards." The issue of the size of clear-cuts to the length of time between harvest is determined to protect the survival of the forest. There are several different organizations that declare the results of the woods and there are some differences in the standard of forest management, but all seek to prevent the stripping of trees from the ground and damage the environmentReduce the use of timber for building materials such as houses, it would be better to use bamboo because bamboo is rapidly proliferating,Bamboo as main material for making the house will look more green, bamboo can also survive for a long time, as long as we can take care of him

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