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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Saving The Environment and How to Be Green

Save the environment seems like our common task, and should not be delayed anymore. It just makes people move. Where does one start?we must start from the beginning to plant trees and do not waste plastic garbage carelessly hard plastic ,, once destroyed, causing harm to ligkungan
Some things are easy. Do not litter. Do not ruin. Do not waste resources. But what it actually involves? What ordinary people do to be saving the environment? Not everyone can study. Not everyone can make their call. Not everyone even knows what to do.
However, we have a large number of people who are available, who will, if demonstrated, would be happy to make small adjustments that together can lead to massive changes. The key is to identify things that are right, that is quick to perform and watch out for, so people know.
If it does not take too much time, does not involve a lot of effort, a large number of people would be happy to walk the road to feel a little more secure about the state of the world tomorrow.
I find that such a task more dauntingly large, this one seems much more can be done when we break it into pieces.
The first, made not of words / problems that occur on the subject of saving the environment: plastic, paper, forest reserves, trees, water, energy, pollution, fuel, awareness ......... We can continue to add to this as and when new words occur.
Let us each aspect and brainstorming on it (link below, or next article). If you have ideas, please let me know and I'll add them in, so that we have the resources ready for the things that really easy to incorporate into our lives and has the potential to make a big difference.
Ouch. It was hard first. Plastic is very useful for us and are very harmful to the environment. What can be done to find a compromise my comfort and conscience can live with? Keep needs, use thoroughly, throwing caution and avoid as far as possible.
We must keep the plastic bags for packing goods treks and hikes in the rain, but use it with caution and reuse them as much as possible, rather than using fresh every time.
Using a biggish bag / man bag any use, avoid accepting small tote bag was not a problem. Adding a small cloth bag for emergencies will avoid requesting fresh when shopping. We can be sure to bring a shopping bag when going out for shopping for sure.
Many plastics can be recycled. Rather than throw it into the trash, we can sell it to stores recycle - kabadiwallahs, bhangarwallas, raddiwallahs, etc. the money could be put to good use, or just into the box to donate to organizations working for the environment.
Spend a day at the end of picnics, hikes or treks to make the places we visit clean. A quick 15 minute group effort can make quick work of plastic lying in the natural environment and inspire people watching them in a similar action.
The annual get-together for the outside groups can be held in places like this that require effort and gang members can make their love for the outdoors is much more concrete through a spectacular and rapid clean up the place.
Remember, the plastic that gets through human effort will lie fouled place for more than 500 years!
Using paper you have, before buying in excessive amounts. Old prints, and other unwanted paper can be clamped together for a quick notepad to jot notes on, instead of using a sheet of paper is good.
Past the school books to students who need more help support the cost of their education and reduce the number of new books into use. Notebook old at the end of the year can be stripped of unused pages to be bound together to make a cheap notebook for rough work.With the world the presence of increasingly sophisticated technology, the internet tehnologi use to reduce paper in your neighborhood
Use of electronic media for the purpose of mailing, e-greetings, and store information. It's faster, more efficient and cheaper too. Unsubscribe from all the publications that you received, but did not bother to read. Try to subscribe to the electronic version which is suitable for people who you read. Promote Your email address over your address to contact.
Coloured paper makes a very interesting look at the gift wrapping and some very interesting effects can be achieved by selecting the appropriate page to be used. A friend of mine marking and code letters news item in the paper for a special gift a secret message. Each color of the old water works well for coloring paper.
Prints can be taken on both sides of the paper. It shrinks the size of the paper stack when stored or taken together, saving the cost of ink and paper with maximum efficiency.
Wash hands make them cleaner than using tissue paper. Ancient reusable cloth diapers are much lighter and comfortable for the baby to be used at home in warm climates. Plus they are cheaper.
Use recycled paper. It looks great for a special purpose and create the image that is responsible for you.
Remember, we lost trees due to a very real need for paper.
Forests Reserves:
The next time you redesign your home, keep an eye out for the many very efficient and very suitable alternative to the wood on the market and use it where appropriate. Fine furniture repair rather than discard.
Protests forest cutting initiatives for development unless they are a must. Insist that all forest cuts also produce actions that plant trees in other areas.
Minimize the use of wood products where possible, and to use it carefully and sparingly where materials your house with bamboo ,, if we compare the same timber bamboo, wood ,, such that tree growth and development of long ,, Bamboo is very easy to grow and very good in use for the materials home
Avoid bonfire to have fun when outdoors, unless you need them for heat. Fun is in the company and what you do - not the wood burning logs in vain in a stiflingly hot. Spare yourself the smoke, the danger of forest reserves, and leave the dead wood to some villages that need to cook on. Never cut a tree for your campfire. It will not dry enough to burn when you need it, and the trees will be dead by the time you realize that it will not burn. I say now. Do not do it. This will help not poor tree, or your campfire.
Its kind of part of the forest, but the separate mention because trees are also in the cities, villages, everywhere. Avoid cutting trees if you can. If you know the tree is cut vain, to take action. Planting trees in open areas where you can growing tree in every home or in free areas will allow more oxygen production
Enjoy the trees and the fun they bring, rather than think of them as real estate is lost. That real estate is invested to help you breathe better.
Hearing that dripping faucet? Fix. Now. About one fifth of people in the world do not have access to drinking water. I'm not asking you to feel guilty about them or supply them with water, just use what you have wisely, so it spreads further.
Do not leave the tap running when washing, brushing, bathing, cooking, washing vehicles, etc. Turn, using it, turn it off when it's time for the soap. You can always turn it on for rinsing. Its not as much hard work as it sounds, and becomes a habit.
When you use the faucet, you will see that you can change it a little, for the less powerful stream of water, and open full, to gushing water. Most of the time, we do not need that flood water and sometimes we do. So keep the flow of how you need it.
Avoid bath luxury cars. Your paint will thank you and to serve you better, and it really does not take much water to get a clean car.
Begin harvesting rainwater in your area. Its amazing the amount actually used, clean water you will "generate". It is the sense of achievement that needs to be experienced to be believed.
Outdoors, do not contaminate water sources. Livestock and wild animals use it for drinking water. Avoid using soap in the river and swimming pool. Draw water from the stream to wash in a separate area at a distance rather than the river or the swimming pool itself. Keeping the toilet area away from water sources.
Run your washing machine at full load. Your electricity bill will be the same for both the load, but you will save time and water.
It was a great luxury and need today. In Mumbai, powercut rare, but in many other parts of India, the electricity supply is interrupted infrequently. Again, it is a matter of using what we have wisely.
Turn off lights, fans, and anything that consumes electricity when not in use. A decrease in your bill by exploring solar power. Switch to low consumption version of the equipment. Turn off all unnecessary things when leaving the house. These measures will help to extend the utility of existing resources and save money on electric utility bills.
When cooking, use gas wisely. A fire that goes beyond the basic tools that will waste gas and just charring food on the side of the tool. Low change it and save yourself some cleanup efforts while you are at it.
Keep your materials ready or easily accessible while cooking, so you no longer need to cook food, consume more fuel and makes the food less tasty. Use the pressure cooker to speed up the cooking and save fuel too.
Solar cookers are great, if you live in a place where you have the sun, and areas where you can put your stove safely. The food is cooked slowly, maintaining maximum nutrition, equipment is very easy to clean, and there is no charge whatsoever.  free sun solar cookers are very easy and cheap to make.
Watch what you are driving, and make sure you keep it legal pollution levels. It is required by law, but the people are surprised how many do not really care.
Avoid using the vehicle to go around the corner. The walk will do you good.
Using a shared vehicle and public transport if possible. Use environmentally friendly fuels.
Watch what you use. Many chemical products that are harmful to the environment. Find out the effects of the chemicals that you use, and explore options that help you do things that you with minimum damage. Which may be healthier for you too.
Avoid cooking fires. Avoid campfire. Avoid all unnecessary fumes.
Do not sit on the horn when traffic is stopped. Horn you can not physically move the car along. If it's jammed, it jammed. If it looks like it will take quite a long time, turn off your engine, and have patience. Blaring horns only make a bad situation intolerable. Yes call me fussy. I call it noise pollution.
This applies to things other noise pollution as well. Strange loud celebration at midnight, loudspeakers, etc. near the hospital is Some thing to do.
Not only we can do things to save the environment, we can spread awareness about the environment and awareness of the options open to people that they can be easily made to make huge collective impact.
Creating awareness can be done in many ways. One of the best is act. Is it, share, encourage it.If if you do not have time to plant a tree ,, join us, you can plant a tree from your home online, we will give you the facility to plant trees in bali ,, and if you go to bali We would invite you to look at your own tree ,, 


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