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Monday, May 4, 2015

Stop Wasting Paper and Save Forest

In the era of progress and today's technology, the paper is very necessary to write, create document, create ads and many also food ingredient of paper, so the paper waste is very much today, to manage waste paper, we can recycle and can also The fuel so that the paper does not make the burden too heavy for the earthPaper has become a necessity for people at almost any age. Students deal with a lot of books and paper records so that their needs can not be avoided. Employees need paper at least to report them. Not to mention the presence of the print media are definitely using paper as the main ingredient. People are so accustomed to using paper until they do not realize that sometimes they reduce the area of ​​forest with waste paper.
Paper is made from wood pulp with some technical and mechanical processes. Most manufacturers use wood from legal plantations. However, some of them also use wood from natural forests. For this reason, wasting a lot of paper means allowing some timber supplier to cut more trees from the forest to meet other requests. Therefore, we have to be really careful in using paper to maintain the forest area as the lungs of paper and plastic very disturbing our environment, if the waste carelessly discard the very severe effect on the environment in the future
Meanwhile, the forest ecosystems is essential to maintain the balance of the climate. When the forest is getting narrow, there will be many ill effects occur. The most common effects of floods and landslides, drought, and spring will be more difficult to find. In more serious cases, even affecting some of the issues or climate change or weather.
So, if you'll let serious problems occur? The easiest way to save our forests to be careful in the use of paper. You can perform some simple steps to save paper. They are:
1. Print only important documents. For less important document or file, it is better for you to keep it in the form of soft copy instead of having a copy.2. Use both sides of paper. This improves efficiency in the use of paper so you can save almost 50% of the total.3. Use the features of the "print two pages per sheet" in your system. This allows you to reduce the font size but still within a comfortable size for reading, so you can print a two-page document on a single page.4. It is better for you to give your draft document via email, because usually you have to edit some of your writing in the document. Print design makes a lot of paper you just end up in the trash.5. Use a specially designed printer to print documents in needWith the advancement of technology such as the internet presence for the paperwork then use the Internet as a tool to communicate, so the existence of the paper will be reduced ,,

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