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Hill of 60 hectar will be planted trees to reduce global warming november 2015



 The heat of the earth can not stand the presence of a lot of tree felling and excessive pollution, this can happen because the technological progress and lack of attention to the natural environment, many land use has changed, which is used as a water catchment has now turned into land Concrete, if this happens repeatedly it will allow the occurrence of floods, especially in the hills in Bali now has a lot of villa, this reduces water infiltration.We shared community of environmentalists in Bali Buleleng together will do the planting of a million trees in degraded lands belonging to indigenous Cempaga village, financial limitations of an obstacle course, because too breadth hill in crisis, we are looking forward to the donors of all partiesPlanting a million trees so is necessary for human survival, in case we've depleted forests ,, and our next generation If the tree that we have increased the amount of oxygen that will give doubled at a later date in addition to good for human health, it is also necessary to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer

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